The Lean Design & Construction unCconference brings together the thinkers and doers of the community in an unconventional environment of open discussion .

What’s an “unconference?”

This is not your parent’s conference! The session topics and activities are proposed by the attendees. An unconference provides an opportunity for every attendee to be a participant in shaping and leading the event. Be prepared to get involved and meet people.

Major themes reflect the backgrounds and interests of the participants. You might participate in sessions about technology, lean theory, challenges, help solve a problem, innovative practices and more.

Leading up to the unconference topics will be proposed and explored via the www.IGLC2016.org/uncon-wiki/. The actual agenda won’t be established until the beginning of the unconference by the attendees. Each attendee interested in exploring a topic will fill out information about their session on large sticky notes which will be provided on the tables. Interested presenters should write the title of the session, a short session description and their name.

The moderators of the unconference will collect the session proposals and begin placing them on a large matrix of available rooms and discussion times.  Attendees who strongly wish to see a particular presentation may make suggestions to the moderators. The more attendees in support of a session, the greater the probability that it will be scheduled.

All sessions will be 40 minutes. That will give us five discussion blocks. We expect 5 – 8 concurrent discussions for each block. One time block will be devoted to an unPanel.

The discussions will be conducted as open space technology (OST). The discussion leader will kick the discussion off with a big (or not-so-big) question or a 3-5 minute introduction of the topic. One of the participants will scribe the conversation capturing the key points, open questions, conclusions and proposed actions. The notes will  be captured and shared with all participants along with plenty of photographs!

The unPanel will be conducted as an open fishbowl. This session will be selected from the topics proposed using dot voting. Our open fishbowl will have 6 chairs in the center of the room surrounded by concentric circles of seating. One of the chairs will be empty. Any one from the audience can come join the unpanel by taking the empty chair. One of the others will self-select to empty their seat.

Be prepared for a fast-paced experience and ideas that you might have never expected would be discussed at a lean construction conference. Our venue can accommodate about 250 people. Register early to get one of the seats!


1:00pm – 1:20 pm Introductions; fill out proposed discussion cards; populate discussions matrix

1:20pm – 4:40pm Sessions every 40 minutes.

4:40pm – 5:00pm Closeout plenary discussion and Open Awards.