Organizing Group

Cynthia C.Y. Tsao

As the Director of Lean Strategy at Consigli, Cynthia is responsible for customizing the approach for Lean implementation on construction projects as well as within and across company departments. A proponent of Lean project delivery since 1997, Cynthia uses her expertise in product-process design integration to help teams improve project outcomes by efficiently using and enhancing team member capabilities as well as transforming complex design problems into ones that are easier to manage and construct.



Hal Macomber

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Hal is a Principal Lean Project Consulting, Inc. He has his attention on project leadership and organization transformation in a lean environment with special attention to Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). In the last few years, Hal and the team of project coaches have advised and coached more than two dozen IPD projects.

Project management, one of the most-cited career positions, routinely fails to produce the desired business results. Projects are routinely over budget, late, and fail in often significant ways to satisfy the customer and the project participants. Worse, in the built environment many people are seriously injured along the way. The bulk of today’s efforts at improving projects are spent on doing a better job applying the same old techniques. In conjunction with the Lean Construction Institute, Hal has set out to change that.

Hal’s career spans numerous industries and roles including industrial engineering, factory production control, worldwide quality management, software development, management of design-build construction and consultants on the Last Planner® System and integrated Lean project delivery. He is now giving significant attention to sound decisionmaking teaching and facilitating with the Choosing By Advantages Decisionmaking System.

Hal studied economics and operations research and operations management. His career-long preoccupation with operations effectiveness has led to numerous innovations including Study-Action TeamsTM, distinguishing Target-Value Design, creating Responsibility-based Project DeliveryTM and the Good 5-WhyTM approach for root-cause analysis. Hal introduced “making and securing reliable promises” as the foundational competence for performing well when using the Last Planner® System.
Hal is a fellow of the Lean Systems Society.

Christine Pasquire

Christine Pasquire has a BSc Quantity Surveying, a PhD in Construction Management and is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. One of the original four directors of LCI UK Ltd, Christine has been a long standing advocate, researcher and teacher of Lean Construction. She is currently Professor of Lean Project Management in the Centre for Lean Projects at Nottingham Trent University, UK.
Christine’s route to lean began 20 years ago with research into offsite manufacturing particularly in the Building Services sector and has grown to encompass the practicalities of lean implementation in both project and organisational transformation. Current research projects include applications of Takt and other forms of lean construction planning; measurement of the impact of Lean on human performance; investigations into waste that is institutionalised within the systems and structures of design and construction and developing pathways for common understanding as a flow. She has published over 110 peer reviewed papers and completed in excess of £2,000,000 of funded research work in the field of construction management.


Thaís da C. L. Alves

Alves specializes in construction management and project-based production systems. Her areas of interest include the application of lean production/construction concepts, principles, and tools to improve the performance of production systems and products in different stages of their life-cycle and supply chains; and how people learn from planning activities. For more than 10 years, she has been teaching, advising students, researching and collaborating with construction companies towards the dissemination and implementation of lean especially in the field of production planning and control at construction sites.




Justin Reginato

Associate Professor of Construction Management at California State University, Sacramento.